Friday, August 29, 2014

Pass out Metro Cards- 1st Period only
LAB: Abiotic Factors and Plant Selection
Set up your Seeds so that they germinate by next week.
Add a #6 to Analyze and Conclude
Question #6: How many seeds will you be using?  Why? Write a paragraph explaining your decision.
HOMEWORK: Read Chapter 5 ECOLOGY- Populations in an Ecosystem
TEST: Next Friday- Sept 5th, 2014 on chapters 1, Ch. 3.1, Ch. 4, Ch. 6.3,6.4, Ch. 5

Print out Rubric and Staple to first page of new lab

Project: Abiotic Factor and Plant Selection
1 pt
1 pt
Pre Lab Questions
3 pts
Part A Investigate Your Area
Part B Investigate Your Garden Site
5 pts
Part C Plan Your Garden 
5 pts
Analyze and Concluse
6 pts
Extend Your inquiry
5 pts

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