Tuesday January 20, 2015

Honors Biology

Lab: Leaf Disk Assay- Photosynthesis Lab needs to be completed

Summary of Lab Paragraph



Materials Used

Data Table – All groups

Graph- only for your information

Questions for Review #1-12

Test on Photosynthesis Chapter 8 on Thursday

Classnote book: 

Read and Complete the following for Chapter 8.3

Key Questions and Vocabulary

Draw figure 8-7 The stages of Photosynthesis

Answer the following questions:

Which stage of photosynthesis relies on light in order to take place?

What happens to the ATP and NADPH produced in the light- dependent reaction?

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Florida Statewide Assessment Program has a schedule in place for Florida Standard Assessments to beginin theSpring of 2015. Additionally, students will continue to take End of Course exams for Algebra I, AlgebraII, Geometry, Biology and U.S. History. In order to prepare students for these exams NWSA has scheduled Saturday sessionsbeginning January 24, 2015.

The academicplan is to provide intensive instruction focusing on content andskillsneededto passeachrequired exam.  In order forstudents to cover essential benchmarks and curriculumthat will be on these exams, as well as review important test taking strategies, they are strongly encouraged toattendalltutoringsessions.  NWSAhas made it a priority to ensurethesuccess of our students on thesemandatory assessments. Below are the dates and tentative rooms for upcoming sessions:

ELA Writing / ReadingRoom:5303

1/24/15, 1/31/15, 2/7/15, 2/14/15, 2/21/15, 2/28/15, 3/7/15*,3/14/15, 4/11/15, 4/18/15, 4/25/15

*last session for writing 

Algebra I& Geometry  Room:5315

Algebra II  Room:5310

Biology      Room:5320

U.S. HistoryRoom:  5302

2/7/15, 2/14/15, 2/21/15, 2/28/15, 3/7/15, 3/14/15, 4/11/15, 4/18/15, 4/25/15

Session time: 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 

We are requesting your assistance in helping your studentwith transportation so he/she can be on timefor each of these Saturdays.  Sessions will begin and end according to the stated time schedule.It is recommended that students attend all sessions in order to maximize their academic growth. Thank you for your help in meeting this required challenge which will be most beneficial for yourstudents’successful completion of high school.If you have questions regarding the tutoring schedule please contact:  apazos@dadeschools.netif you questions regarding the testing schedule please contact: andrewbeall@dadeschools.net.


Evonne S. Alvarez


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