Monday, February 2, 2015 Honors Biology

In your classnote book Label a section:

Cellular Respiration Review:

  • What are the three stages of cellular respiration?Place in proper order.
  • Where does each stage take place in the cell?
  • How many ATP are produced in each stage?

Complete the following section to your classnotebook:

Section 9.3


Complete Quick Lab:  How does Exercise Affect Disposal of Wastes from Cellular Respiration?

Follow Procedures and Complete Analyze and Conclude #1-2

Answer the following questions:

9.3 Review

  • 1a. Name the two types of fermentation.
  • 1b.How are they similar?  How are they different?
  • 2a. Why do runners breath heavily after a sprint race?
  • 2b.List the body’s sources of energy in the order I which they are used during a long distance race.

    HW:  Caloric Intake for a day!


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