Monday, January 5, 2015

Honors Biology

BENCHMARK: SC.912.L.14.7

Plant Organs and Tissues- You may use Chapter 24.1 or EOC Lesson 10 to assist you.

Add to your classnotes on Plants:

Key Words:

Define the following:

  1. Bryophyte
  2. Tracheophytes
  3. Vascular Tissue
  4. Conifer
  5. Angiosperm
  6. Pollination
  7. Seed
  8. Embryo
  9. Cones
  10. Spores
  • Draw the structure of a flower and Identify the following parts:
  • Male Reproductive Parts:Stamen{Anther, Filament, Pollen}
  • FemaleReproductive Parts: Pistil(Carpe){Stigma, Style, Ovary}
  • Also Identify the following sections:Petal, Ovule, Sepal

Draw a seed and identify the following parts: Embryo, Cotyledon, Seed Coat

Answer the following questions:

Page 83 on EOC Review Booklet #1-4

Homework:  Please bring a flower (ex. HIBISCUS) in for Lab tomorrow.  Quiz (Plant Organs and Tissues) on Wednesday 1/7/2015

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