Monday, November 3, 2014

Do Now!

Classnote Book:  Analyze Data- Molecular Homology in Hoxc8.   Read and Complete Page 470 #1-4

Discuss Chapter 16.1 Darwin’s Voyage.

Contribution to Science?

Three patterns of Biodiversity!

  1. Species vary globally- flightless birds in Australia South America, and Africa
  2. Species vary locally- Galapagos tortoise, finches
  3. Species vary over time- Fossils- todays Armadillo and Glyptodant

Discuss 16.2  Ideas that Shaped Darwin’s Thinking.

Hutton and Lyell conclude?

Lamarck proposed that species evolved, How?

Malthus view on population growth?

Artificial Selection?

16.3 Darwin Presents his case

Conditions needed for natural selection to occur?

(Struggle for Existence)More individuals are born than can survive

(Variation and Adaptation) there is natural heritable variation

(Survival of the fittest) variable fitness among individuals


Study for Chapter 16 Test on Wednesday Nov 5th.  Tomorrow is a teacher planning day.

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