Thursday Nov 13/ Friday Nov 14

Review HW Pg515 #1-3
1. Lab: Title: Classifying Fruits/Veg
    Benchmark SC.912. L.15.4 
2. Name the Fruits You Observed

Common Name Scientific Name- Genus species
Gala Apple
Hachiya Persimmon
Sweet Potato
  1. Construct a table( 5Rows/4 columns)
    Label Each Row with the Common Name of a different fruit.
    4.  Examine the fruits(You may take Picture if needed) and Choose 4 characteristics that help you tell the fruits apart.  Label the columns in your table with the name of these characteristics.
    5. Record a description of each fruit on the table.
    6.  Analyze and Conclude:  Based on your table, which fruits most closely resemble one another?

Homework for the weekend:

Read Chapter 18.2 Modern Evolutionary Classification

Complete Chapter Assessment 18.2 Pg 522 #1-4 on a separate sheet of paper to hand in on Monday.

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