Thursday, September 18, 2014

Honors Biology

  1. Complete Lab Report
  2. Rubric- How a Food Chain and a Food Web are formed?
  • Title
  • Benchmark SC.912.L.17.9

o  Use a food web to identify and distinguish producers, consumers, and decomposers.  Explain the pathway of energy transfer through the trophic levels and the reduction of available energy at successive trophic levels.

  • Problem Statement (Introduction)
  • Vocabulary Concepts (4 Terms) Define
  • Summary of Procedures
  • Picture of Food Chain– Label and showing correct flow of energy using arrows.
  • Picture of Food web-with at least 15 organism, you may use all. Use arrows showing energy flow.
  • Post Lab Questions #1-6
  1. What is a trophic level?
  2. Are most habitats better described as a food chain or a food web? Why?
  3. What role do decomposers and scavengers play in a habitat? What would happen if these organisms were not present?
  4. What would happen if a predator organism was removed from a certain habitat? Use specific examples from your group’s constructed food web.
  5. Can an organism be a secondary and tertiary consumer in the same ecosystem? Explain using examples from the game.
  6. In general, are there more tertiary consumes or producers in a healthy habitat?Why?

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