Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Honors Biology

BENCHMARK: SC.912.L.14.7

v LAB:  In Your Lab Journal

v Input the Following:

v LAB Title: Flower Dissection

o   Benchmark: SC.912.L.14.7 Relate the structure of each f the major plant organs and tissues to physiological processes.

o   Introduction #1-10

v Dissection

v On a separate sheet of paper, dissect your flower and label the following parts-

o   Male Reproductive Parts: Stamen (Anther, Filament, Pollen)

o   Female Reproductive PartsPistil/Carpel (Stigma, Style, Ovary)

o   Also Identify the following Parts:Petal, Ovule, Sepal

Homework: Study for Quiz (Plant Organs and Tissues) on Wednesday 1/7/2015

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