Week 6 – Monday September 22, 2014

SC.912.L.17.20 Predict the impact of individuals on environmental systems and examine how human lifestyles affect sustainability.
Answer the following questions as we watch the short film – THE LORAX
1. In the story, how did the thneed industry affect the physical environment?

2. How did these environmental conditions affect local plants and animals?

3. How did thneed production affect Once-lers and people(employees, neighbors, etc)?

4. Based on your observations from this story, was this method of manufacturing thneeds 


5. How would you define the phrase ”sustainable” development?

6. How could the Once-ler have manufactured thneeds in a more sustainable manner?

7. Whose responsibility is it to protect the environment and ensure sustainable practices?
8. What federal, state, and local agencies exist to protect the environment?
Home Learning- Read the PDF Lecture Notes on Biogeochemical Cycles, I will email them to you!  Take notes and be ready to discuss tomorrow.

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