Genetics Notes

  • LAB: Making a baby
  • Intermediate Traits
    • Incomplete Dominance: Results in a blend of two forms of the trait
      • Snapdragon Flowers: RR(RED) x WW(WHITE) = RW(Pink)
    • Codominance: a condition in which both Alleles are expressed
      • Cows: RR (Red Bull) and WW (White Cow) = RW (Roan Cow), which has Red hairs and White hairs
      • Chickens- BB(Black Feathers) x WW (White Feathers)= Offspring has black feathers and white feathers
    • Multiple Alleles– more than two alleles exist for the population
      • Human Blood Type: there are three alleles for blood type
      • AA, BB, AB(Codominant), AO, BO, OO
    • Polygenic Traits– are controlled by two or more genes
      • Height in humans, humans have a large range in heights
    • Traits affected by Sex Chromosomes
      • Humans and other mammals have two types of chromosomes
      • Autosomes– any chromosome other than a sex chromosome
      • Sex chromosomes: X and Y chromosomes determine gender
        • XX: Female, XY: Male
        • Sex-linked traits– traits determined by alleles located on the sex chromosome, most carried on the X chromosome
          • Albinism, Hemophilia, color blindness, MS(muscular dystrophy) are genetic disorders resulting from sex linked traits

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