Thursday May 21 and Friday May 22

Inside the Living Body

Inside the Living Body-  Great information on the changes that take place at the different stages of your life.

Watch Inside the Living Body and answer the following questions:

Inside the Human Body

Answer until

-up to 1:17.41

on the documentary.  on worksheet

Name: ________________________

Inside the Living Body

Birth of baby

  1. Where are the alveoli and how do they work?
  2. What are the benefits of breast milk?

1 month old

  1. How are smells detected?
  2. Where are the smallest bones in the body?
  3. Describe a baby’s vision at 1 month old.
  4. If our eyes see upside down, why do we see right side up?
  5. When do baby’s finally have 20/20 vision?

2 Years

  1. How many words do 2-year-olds learn each day?

5 Years

  1. How do thoughts work?
  2. How does the brain learn?

9 Years

  1. How do we recall memories?

11 Years

  1. What part of the brain controls puberty?

21 Years

  1. Why do we look and feel better in our 20’s than any other time in our lives?
  2. How often do our tissues regenerate?
  3. How much hair do we grow every year?
  4. How does exercise help condition the heart and lungs?

45 Years

  1. How much dust have we created by 45 years old?
  2. What chemical in our body degrades and causes wrinkles?
  3. How do our eyes change when we age?
  4. Why do we gain weight as we get older?

50 years

  1. What happens when we are stressed? 22. What is a stroke?
    23. What happens during menopause? 70 Years
  2. How does our hearing decrease?
    25. What happens every time our cells divide?
    26. What is the last sense to go when we die?
    27. How long does it take for our skin cells and brain cells to die?

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